Here are frequently asked questions we receive about our work.

Regarding the proposal evaluation fee, does one project offered with two pricing structures equate to two proposals?

CenterPoint encourages Respondents to offer their Projects in a variety of ways and each Project offered with multiple options will be considered as a single Proposal. For example, Projects that are offered under multiple transaction structures (e.g. PPA or Asset Purchase) will count as one Proposal as it relates to the evaluation fee. Projects that offer various PPA term lengths and/or energy settlement locations (Project busbar, CenterPoint's load node, or Indiana Hub) will also be considered as one Proposal. In addition, Projects that are proposed both as standalone generating assets (e.g. solar) and also paired with storage will be considered as one Proposal as it relates to the fee. CenterPoint and 1898 & Co. will have sole discretion to determine whether a submission is deemed a single Proposal or multiple Proposals.

How should multiple pricing options (e.g. different term lengths or escalation rates) for the same project be submitted?

A separate Appendix D should be submitted for each pricing option. The non-pricing specific information should be duplicated in each Appendix D.

Would CenterPoint consider supplying a site for a facility?

Yes, Proposals that utilize an existing CenterPoint site would be considered depending on the specific characteristics of the project.

Would CenterPoint Consider Proposals to re-use existing CenterPoint-owned interconnection rights for a new resource?


Will CenterPoint consider any stand alone energy storage for this RFP?

Yes, Section 4 specifies standalone storage as an eligible project for this RFP. 

What exactly qualifies as verifiable site control?

Please provide all written documentation that demonstrates site control and a narrative of all actions taken to minimize development risk related to site control.

Is there a maximum PPA term that CenterPoint will entertain?

There is no maximum term limit for a PPA.


Is there a term sheet or form PPA for the CenterPoint RFP respondents should review in advance of submission?

Yes. For renewable resources, term sheets are provided in Appendices F, G and H.




Would a non-binding bid be adequate for participation in the RFP?

No, Per Section 3.5 of the RFP document, Respondents shall make best efforts to offer Proposals with firm pricing not subject to any revisions during the evaluation, short-list selection and IRP process. In addition, Proposals should reflect current market pricing for material, labor, EPC, etc.

Would CenterPoint take into consideration Proposals that are limited to energy for the term set forth in the RFP?

Energy alone is not sufficient to comply with the requirements of the RFP. 

What temperature and relative humidity should be used for “Summer Peak” conditions specified in Appendix D?

91.1° F and 55.4% RH

Would CenterPoint consider a project that is fully deliverable to MISO but located outside of MISO LRZ 6 with the contingency that in the event of a price differential for capacity between the LRZ's, the Seller would adjust the price to reflect the difference in clearing prices between the LRZ's?

Respondents must provide resources with existing physical deliverability to LRZ 6 or provide detailed cost estimates and transmission studies associated with securing such deliverability. A Proposal that only included a financial settlement for capacity market price differences and did not include firm deliverability of capacity to LRZ 6 would not comply with the RFP requirements.

In Section 9.2.3 of the RFP, what is meant by a completed MISO System Impact Study? And how will this impact scoring?

Points for completing a MISO System Impact Study will be awarded if a DPP1 and/or DPP2 study has been completed.

In regard to Section 6.3 of the RFP, will Power Purchase Agreement Proposals be eligible for CenterPoint operational control and the full 15 points?

Yes, Power Purchase Agreement Proposals could be eligible for the operational control points. Partial points in this category may be given based on the level of operational control offered. Operational control includes, for example, dispatch parameters used for the scheduling of energy into MISO and approval for maintenance outage periods.

In an Asset Purchase Proposal, shall bidders assume that CenterPoint can take all of the Investment Tax Credit? Will CenterPoint utilize all of the value of the Investment Tax Credit in year one of the project or will it be normalized over the life of the asset?

Yes, Respondents can assume that the investment would be eligible for Investment Tax Credit; however, CenterPoint asks that the Proposal be transparent in the identification of the benefits or assumptions related to the tax treatment. Additionally, pricing shall reflect the transaction price under current conditions (availability of tax benefits), and should not assume future legislative changes associated with tax credits.

Should O&M pricing be provided for Build-Transfer (Asset Purchase) Proposals?

Yes, please provide O&M and all other cost estimates associated with the project in the Appendix D submittal.

Where can I find out additional information about CenterPoint’s generation transition plan?

Will CenterPoint consider applications for Projects that have yet to enter the MISO Queue?

Yes, however, it’s necessary that the project can meet a 3/1/2027 COD. Respondent should discuss how the project will meet the timeline including mitigation of schedule delay risk due to delays in the MISO interconnection study process.

The RFP lists that there may be a need of 500MW or more. Are you able to share any more details for what the maximum volume of MW that CenterPoint may procure through this process?

While CenterPoint is actively seeking resources to meet its future needs, the precise quantity of energy and capacity resources that CenterPoint may procure is not available at this time.  The next IRP process beginning later this year and scheduled to be completed in 2023 will provide more guidance.

Pre-bid Meeting Question: Is CenterPoint interested in only renewable or does fossil generation have a chance to be chosen?

CenterPoint is seeking proposals for all types of resources. The next IRP process beginning later this year and scheduled to be completed in 2023 will determine the preferred combination of resources to meet CenterPoint's needs.  

Pre-bid Meeting Question: If we have not received an email yet, does it mean we are not pre-qualified?

No, if you submitted your NOI and NDA before the deadline, you are pre-qualified for the RFP.

Pre-bid Meeting Question: Are suppliers expected to hold pricing open from July until project transaction has been closed? Is there no chance for a price refresh?

Respondents should expect to hold pricing through the RFP evaluation and due-diligence and the IRP process scheduled to conclude in June of 2023. CenterPoint understands there is a volatile market right now. Pricing should be proposed at current market conditions under which Respondents are willing to transact today. Respondents should not base pricing on future market predictions. 

Pre-bid Meeting Question: What information about CP's demand and/or capacity will be shared? (To best size potential storage aspect)

There will not be any specific information shared regarding CenterPoint’s demand except for public information such as the previous IRP.

Pre-bid Meeting Question: Must a project have a signed LGIA to be eligible, or would an advanced queue position in MISO suffice (DPP-2 or higher)?

Proposals without a signed LGIA may still be eligible. Please see the RFP document for eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria related to interconnection study status.

Pre-bid Meeting Question: Will various volumes up to 500MW be considered multiple bids?

One project bid at multiple sizes will be considered one proposal. It is beneficial for CenterPoint to evaluate bids with multiple capacity options.

Pre-bid Meeting Question: On the spreadsheet, in the Hourly Shape tab is the Hourly Load Profile in MWh or what unit of measure?

Depends on the resource type. The hourly shape is in MWh for wind or solar profiles.

Pre-bid Meeting Question: Will energy/capacity supply need to start on 3/1/2027, or is the asset only required to be operational by then and start date could be sometime after that?

The date is to ensure CenterPoint has capacity online by 3/1/2027. 

Pre-bid Meeting Question: Does CenterPoint have a preference for a build transfer vs a PPA transaction?

No, both PPAs and build transfer purchases are eligible transaction structures as part of this RFP.

I am planning on submitting 3 proposals with two to three different equipment offerings. Unfortunately, Appendix D is set up as if I were only offering one type/size solution. If you will not be able to duplicate a tab or add a column for additional equipment, could there be an understanding that there will be two to three submissions PER proposal so we can incorporate the different sized equipment?

You can submit multiple appendix D files per proposal. Please make it clear which files are associated with each proposal. 

Does CenterPoint have gas capacity on any lines within the preferred geographical area that could supply 68,000 dth/day firm transport and supply?

Bids should consider proximity to gas transmission pipelines as part of the proposal. However, as part of the proposal vetting process, CenterPoint will investigate the feasibility of obtaining the required supply of natural gas, including building a new lateral pipeline if needed.

Does CNP prefer which existing plant location they would be willing to offer land for a new gas-fired plant? This would be in the 20-30acre range for 288MWs.

CenterPoint doesn’t have a preference for the location of a new gas-fired plant.